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Let CIS Service or Repair
Your Respiratory Equipment

Request Maintenance or Repair Services

CIS technicians are factory trained and certified to service and repair a full range of respiratory equipment. We specialize in giving new life to worn or even broken equipment in our advanced repair facility centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We service the best brands in the business including Invacare, Phillips Respironics. ResMed and more.

For customers who need a one-stop-shop for medical-grade oxygen cylinders, CIS offers oxygen in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid dewars. Our technicians refill, test, and service oxygen containers of all sizes for all uses.

CIS is known for our full range of cylinder testing, requalification, refurbishment, and customization services. By adding cylinder filling capabilities, CIS helps customers save time by bypassing third-party filling stations and providing oxygen-filled cylinders that are ready for immediate patient use. We also offer the parts, accessories and valves to make cylinder management easier than ever.

Our team has capacity to fill up to 1,000 cylinders per day. Quantity discounts are available. Call us today (866) 231-3423 for additional information.

When you send a concentrator in for repair, you can rest assured that it is being serviced by a qualified, factory-trained technician. Our team can professionally service concentrators from most manufacturers.

Concentrator service includes:

  • Complete diagnosis and estimate for repairs
  • Filter changes
  • Sieve bed repour
  • Valve replacement
  • Compressor rebuild
  • Complete pressure and flow check per manufacturer specifications
  • 24-hour test to ensure optimal purity

All work comes with a standard one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. Additional 12-month service warranty also available.

CIS offers complete Apnea Monitor service including:

  • We can arrange shipping “to” and “from” our facility.
  • Preventative maintenance per manufacturers specific specifications, including battery replacement when needed.
  • If repairs are warranted, CIS offers free timely repair estimates and cost-effective repairs.
  • Equipment is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

We pride ourselves in fast turnaround times, superior service, and high-quality repairs. We stand behind our service with a 100% satisfaction guaranty.

CIS offers complete Invacare HomeFill Compressor repair services and also sells repair parts. HomeFill Compressors are a vital part of the Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System. When a unit malfunctions, it’s very expensive and cost prohibitive to replace.

Send us your broken HomeFill Compressors for a free inspection and estimate. We offer competitive service on pump repairs that will ensure your unit continues operate “like-new” for many years to come.

Invacare HomeFill repair service includes:

  • Complete diagnosis and estimate for repairs.
  • Standard repair prices for pump rebuilds.
  • Pressure tested to manufacturers specifications.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting to ensure “like-new” appearance.

All work comes with a standard one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. A additional 12-month service warranty is also available.

CIS is factory trained and certified to repair all makes and models of Respironics & ResMed CPAP and BIPAP machines.

We understand how important these machines are for those who rely on them. This is why we stock the parts necessary to promptly repair the machines. Our turnaround time beats the industry average. In most cases, the equipment can be returned within three business days.

CPAP and BIPAP service includes:

  • Computer-aided diagnostics (including clearing stored error logs)
  • Computer simulation and software updates
  • Performance verified with a digital flowmeter and manometer
  • Computer calibration update with diagnostic sheet and test points
  • Complete cleaning and disinfecting

Ultrasonic Cylinder Testing 

Do you have aluminum or steel cylinders that are out of test? CIS offers UE testing. The cylinder walls are tested by ultrasound which does not require removal of the valve. This prevents valve damage and eliminates the risk of cylinder contamination.

Cylinder Refurbishment

We offer full cylinder refinishing services on aluminum cylinders. The process involves stripping and cleaning the cylinder surface, painting the neck with the appropriate marking color. Finally, we powder coat the entire tank with a clear protective layer to keep it beautiful. Optional custom logos can be placed on the cylinders if desired.

Valving Service

HomeFill, UltraFill, iFill, CGA540, CGA870 & O2Go are just a few of the more common valves we handle on a daily basis. Whether its testing, re-valving, and/or replacement, we have the tools and experience to do the job right.

Custom Logos Branding 

Inventory control and theft prevention are the two most common reasons for placing logos on your aluminum cylinders. Company logo, fully itemized barcoding, and QR coding are the most common options. Logos are installed underneath the clear coat for years of protection.

Given the importance of highly functional equipment to meet the needs of your patients, you must continue to service and maintain your Liquid Oxygen equipment (LOX). CIS offers full LOX inspection, diagnosis, free estimates, and repair. All units are completely cleaned and disinfected before leaving our facility. Liquid Oxygen service includes:

  • Complete product inspection
  • Parts replacement
  • Pressure check
  • Vacuum (as needed)
  • N.E.R. test
  • Leak check
  • Flow check

All work comes with a 120-day limited warranty on parts and labor and industry leading 36 month warranty on vacuum.

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