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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Do you have additional items available for sale and service that are not on the website?

CIS does carry certain items that may not be listed on the website due to limitedquantities. Please call your sales rep or the main line to askfor any item you are looking for.

Question 2: Why can’t I buy a piece of equipment from the site as an individual?

Certain items can only be sold to individuals with a proper medical diagnosis andcurrently we do not accept scripts from individuals. If you have a homecare provider you use,please ask them if they have considered buying or selling to CIS.

Question 3: What is the expected turnaround time for equipment I purchase from CIS ?

Turnaround times vary based on product type and availability. Our Inventory is alwaysfluctuating. Please call our office for shipping estimates.

Question 4: Why can’t I purchase Inventory that is low quantity or backordered on the website ?

Due to uncertain inventory levels, we want you to call and talk to a Sales Rep about future availability and determine if this timeline is acceptable to you.

Question 5: Do you service CPAP machines?

Yes, we do service Respironics and Resmed CPAP machines to both companies and individuals. We accept walk-ins by appointment, or you can ship your machine in for repair/estimate.

Question 6: What can I expect when you service my CPAP/BIPAP?

We service Respironics and Resmed units. If you have an older model, please call to determine if we can service the unit first before sending it in for service.  Our technicians only need the unit and power supply to diagnosis what is wrong with the unit. We offer free estimates for all CPAP/BIPAP orders. Estimates and repairs are expected to be completed within 48 hours of delivery to CIS.  All units are cleaned and repaired to manufacturers specifications with a 90 day warranty.

Question 7: What is your freight/shipping policy?

Please review our Resources page for additional information on shipping and returns. CIS offers different shipping options based on the product type, many of which include freight costs.

Question 8: What are your terms of payment?

All orders are credit card only unless an account is set up and terms are approved. If you sell us equipment, we pay within 30 days of receipt/inspection.

Question 9: If I sell my Equipment to CIS, who is responsible for Freight?

CIS arranges and pays for freight. You will need to package and prepare for shipping.

Question 10: Will you buy equipment from an individual?

No, we do not buy from individuals.

Question 11: I am not used to packaging equipment. What can I do?

CIS’s purchasing team will assist you making sure you have the proper packaging materials and information to ship product to CIS. Most of the time, these items can be purchased from your local department store.   

Question 12: I do not have a shipping dock. Is that OK?

Yes, the trucking services we use can usually provide lift gate assistance to ensure pallets can be moved on to a truck for shipping.